Printed Backpack Flags

Available in three different flag styles.  Rectangle, Tear Drop and Blade!  Each style is available printed on a single side or double sided.

Single Side - Design is only done on 1 side of the flag but shows through to the other sided in a reverse image. The majority of flags are created this way, including most state flags and corporate flags. A single reverse flag is lightweight and is most cost-effective. Celina's printing process produces 90% opacity on the reverse side.

Double Sided - Design reads correctly on both sides of the flag. This flag is 2 single sided flags sewn back to back with a liner between the prints.  This triples the thickness and weight of the flag. Double sided flags do not fly very well because of the added weight.  The weight will make them prone to additional wear and tear.

Celina's Flag Backpack has taken advertising to a whole new level, by redefining mobile advertising and product branding. Our innovative unique design is perfect for instant, portable indoor/outdoor signage. Simply put it on and get your message out to the people. Whether you have only one unit, or an entire fleet of individuals, the Flag Backpack will garner the attention you desire.

This backpack flag holds a double-sided banner or flag so your advertisements are visible from multiple angles. Be creative and print different messages or slogans on either side of the banner. Each banner display, backpack flag comes with a retractable aluminum pole built into the unit with a carbon fiber post attached to its inside. There is also a pocket on its backside intended to hold promotional supplies for your convenience.


 Additional Product Details:

  • 100% Woven Polyester, long lasting & easy care
  • Inks used in Celina's manufacturing processes are made with commercial grade pigments designed to resist color fading for 2 years.  Colorfastness will vary depending on the product's exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Edges finished with 500d Polyester Binding
  • Machine Washable
  • Finished flag will be shipped to you 5 days after payment & artwork approval
  • No setup, art or hidden charges!
  • Receive a Free Digital Proof on all orders.



Printing Templates

Blade Flag Single Sided

Rectangle Flag Single Sided

Tear Drop Flag Single Sided

Blade Flag Double Sided

Rectangle Flag Double Sided

Tear Drop Flag Double Sided