Custom Printed Barricade Banners

Let your barricades work for you! Barricade covers act as “billboards” for more detailed advertising messages. As a non-traditional revenue source in high traffic areas, these quality "mini billboards" are ideally suited for providing the ultimate in long-lasting, big profile branding at V.I.P. events, venue entrances, outdoor functions, crowd barriers - the list goes on and on. An "always on" method of advertising for your business or message.

Celina Tent's Barricade Covers are printed onto our Duraprint vinyl using high quality outdoor ink designed to resist fading. Our digital print technology ensures the brightest colors and longest lasting indoor/outdoor Barricade Jacket Covers. Can be customized to fit any type of barricade.

Designed to fit virtually any metal barricade! Don't miss out on a great branding opportunities for your event or event sponsors. 

 Additional Product Details:

Celina's Printed Steel Barricade Covers are constructed using first quality commercial grade vinyl. Celina's has designed these to drape easily over most commercial bicycle barricades. 

  • Customize your police barricade cover with your company's branding or logo.
  • Since our covers are so reasonably priced, you can afford to purchase crowd control fence covers for each of your different marketing events, venues, product launches, or occasions.
  • No laundry bill! Our vinyls wipe clean easily using warm soapy water and a sponge.
  • No setup fees or hidden costs!